Respecting the power of food

In the country, food is a continuous preoccupation, not simply a pause to refuel. Country people know the sweat that goes into an ear of corn, a pail of milk, a churn of butter, bread warm from the oven, and the eggs and bacon that sizzle in the breakfast frying pan. Food is hard-earned and requires the proper degree of respect.

This quote from Bryce Courtenay’s The Power of One immediately struck a chord, reminding me that the enjoyment of “country food” is intensified considerably when you appreciate how hard-earned it is, how it is inextricably linked to the people and place that have provided it, and how it can play with each and every one of your senses in powerfully evocative ways.

2 Comments on “Respecting the power of food”

  1. BLYSS chocolate says:

    Great thought. Agree. Just finished an interview about connoisseurship and how becoming connoisseurs – we can raise standards of both production and consumption. Keep going!

    • senseourway says:

      Thanks BLYSS! Where can read the interview? I’m interested because I’m–hopefully, but definititely slowly!–ploughing a path toward connoisseurship of good beer, and the same thing has occurred to me here in connection with responsible consumption and stimulating interest in ingredients, craftmanship, care and provenance.

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