Cervezeros crafting “better places”

As well as having an interest in how different places pulse, I also love following the craft beer movement, whether that’s here in Barcelona/Catalunya/Spain/Iberia/the Med, or further beyond. So my interest leapt when I read of the marriage of both:

Modern Times exists to make extraordinary beer. But it’s also an actor in the life of this city. It has a responsibility to shape its own environment, to constructively engage with the city upon which it relies. One of the ways it will do that is by helping to transform San Diego into a better, more liv[e]able place.

The wonder of the Internet returns…  I have found a kindred spirit way out west in California!

Read Transforming San Diego if you think the liquid poetry and social catalyst of good beer can have anything to do with shaping better places to live in and better places to visit. And please comment here on what you see as the real and possible connections between the two.

3 Comments on “Cervezeros crafting “better places””

  1. Michael Haywood says:

    Community businesses have a distinct and time-honored responsibility to craft “better places”.
    You might want to access some of LinkedIn’s sites (Destination Strategies, Place Marketing and Branding, Canadian Hospitality Network) to post this excellent example of best practice, as well as to access some of my commentary which dovetails nicely with your beliefs and behavior.

    • senseourway says:

      Thanks Michael for your interest and for the links. I’ll follow these up and perhaps something will develop from this connection between “local beer communities” and better stewardship of place.

  2. Michael Haywood says:

    Commendations! By checking out some of my commentary on LinkedIn’s Destination Strategies forum, you will see that our thoughts coincide

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